Commercial focus:

Commercial and Industrial new-build Solar Energy Facilities, not small-scale domestic solar energy installations (an overly cluttered commercial space) and not retrofits to existing facilities.


Sales effort to be directed at solar developers and financial houses that fund large-scale solar projects.


  • Initially, there where the need is greatest, namely, solar covered landfill sites situated on unstable substrates (the cause of solar module disorientation)


  • Longer-term, all and any large-scale solar installations.


LanneSolaire expects near-term revenues to be derived from commissions on solar panels sales linked to large-scale Solar Covered Landfill (SCL) projects sourced via solar developers who possess an existing pipeline of such solar projects in France.


Some 33 SCL projects (see LanneSolaire Table) have been commissioned in France over the last 2.5 years due to the legislation (Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale) that significantly restricts access to agricultural land for solar projects in France.