LanneSolaire is an early-stage company founded in June 2020. In November 2020, we applied for a Patent to protect our Intellectual Property based on prior lengthy exposure to high-end complexity analysis and solar technologies.

Ian (Yann) Humphery-Smith was born in Australia, but is of French nationality for the last 18 years. He was trained in infectious diseases and can boast a long international experience in academia and industry as concerns molecular biology, bioinformatics, biotech, renewable energy and finance. In parallel, he has consulted to SME’s, multinational corporations and several national government agencies. His professional undertakings have essentially revolved around the commercialisation of novel technologies. His latest patent application for LanneSolaire is his twelfth (previously in biomedicine/ biotech; IT; and renewable energy). Ian is recognised as a pioneer in the field of proteomics, an industry that represents some $4 - $5 billion (USD) annual turnover today. In 2001, he was named by TIME Magazine as a member of their “Top Digital 25” and launched the Human Proteome Project (HUPO) to take-up the next phase of the Human Genome Project. Ian has published > 100 referred scientific article, 14 book chapters and 5 books. His exposure to biosystems analysis and endeavours linked to African Renewable Energies Limited provide an excellent background for complexity analysis as it applies to solar energy production over time.

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Vincent Rivals studied biology and ecology at the University of Toulouse, France and undertook a Masters of Environmental Science at the University of Bordeaux. He later specialised in agrosystems management and applied these skills to the family business specialising in cereal crops using convention techniques and more recently a ‘biological / ecological’ approach to farming. Elsewhere, Vincent is an accomplished sculptor of creations in wood and stone. He applies this skill set to the restauration of works of art for private collectors. Vincent brings to LanneSolaire a general knowledge of French and European legislation as it applies to renewable energies. Since many years, he has been passionate about the environment and « eco-friendly » activities. Professionally, he is greatly stimulated by the commercial opportunities and environmental impact LanneSolaire can achieve in Solar-Covered Landfill in Europe and around the world.